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Elbow Pain

Are you suffering from elbow pain that’s affecting your daily routine? If you find it challenging to perform basic movements or take part in the activities you love, our chiropractic and regenerative medicine treatments may be able to help.

At Joint & Spine Rehab, we’ve helped people just like you find long-term relief from elbow pain and discomfort caused by a variety of different issues. If you want non-surgical and drug-free solutions to help resolve your painful elbow, get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

Are you suffering from chronic elbow pain? Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow?
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Treating Elbow Pain

There’s no need for you to live your life with sore elbows when long-term solutions are just a phone call away.

Our treatments can help alleviate your sore elbows without the need for potentially harmful surgeries or pain medication.

Chiropractic treatment can help to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow to the affected area, and relieve pressure on nerves and tissue that may be causing you pain.

Regenerative Medicine For Chronic Elbow Pain Ridgewood, NJ

Chiropractic care also helps to restore balance to your body so you feel more like your old self.

Our regenerative treatments include human cellular tissue therapy and PRP therapy.

Both of these treatments consist of minimally invasive injections into your damaged or degraded elbow tissue and are designed to work with your body’s own natural healing mechanism.

Typically, there is little to no downtime after either of these two treatments.

Human cellular tissue injections contain potent and powerful healing compounds such as cytokines, growth factors, proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, lipids, exosomes, peptides, and more.

PRP injections are created when we spin a small sample of your blood in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and platelets. The resulting platelet-rich plasma contains healing properties that are injected into your elbow to help facilitate the healing process.

If you’ve been having issues with your elbows and want long-term relief without drugs or surgery, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

Golfer’s Elbow/Tennis Elbow

Two of the more common elbow injuries are golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

Non-Drug Treatment For Golfers Elbow Mahwah, NJ

If you have golfer’s elbow, you’ll notice pain on the inner part of your elbow, and with tennis elbow, the pain is typically on the outside of your elbow.

These two conditions get their names because they are common amongst golfers and tennis players, but you don’t have to play either sport to be diagnosed with golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow.

Both of these conditions can limit your capacity to straighten your arm comfortably and can affect your strength when lifting or performing everyday activities.

Our chiropractic treatments and regenerative treatments can help relieve the pain caused by golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. We may also prescribe one of our other treatments, such as physical therapy, laser therapy, pressure point therapy, or sports rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one suffer with elbow pain in Waldwick, Ridgewood, Mahwah, Wyckoff, Ramsey, Franklin Lakes, Allendale, Ho Ho Kus, Saddle River, or any nearby area, call us today at (201) 445-1079 to schedule a free consultation.