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PEMF Therapy

Are you suffering from Chronic Pain? Is this pain interfering with your everyday activities? Don’t give up. At Joint & Spine Rehabilitation, our chiropractors offer PEMF therapy that can likely help you.

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PEMF Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most disabling and troublesome conditions that patients have to deal with.

So many of the established alternatives for the treatment of chronic pain are oftentimes ineffective in dealing with anything much more than modest pain and are associated with considerable risks with drug tolerance or side effects, addiction, and dependence.

Fortunately, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a safe and effective treatment modality available to people who suffer from long-term pain that is resistant to more conventional therapeutic methods.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

Electrical charges inside the cells of our bodies power nearly all our biological activities. From the atomic level to the complex functions of organs and systems, our bodies need an adequate electrical charge for survival as well as to fight disease. We are driven by energy, primarily in the form of electromagnetics.

At the cellular level, there are organelles known as mitochondria. These act just like the cell’s batteries. They furnish electrons to fire up the metabolic processes in order to ensure that the body can function optimally and properly. PEMF therapy influences this mitochondria function.

A Non-Invasive Modality

PEMF is a non-invasive process that quickly brings cells into electrical equilibrium, boosting nutrient circulation and oxygen flow to ensure that each cell then has the energy to work as the body is supposed to.

PEMFs are low-frequency, pulsating magnetic fields with wavelengths that completely penetrate the body. They are naturally occurring frequencies that are supportive of the body’s capabilities.

During PEMF, magnetic fields move freely through the cells, charging them much like depleted batteries to enhance metabolic function and turn on natural repair processes. One feels a pulse or tapping-like effect as it moves through the body.

What are the benefits?

PEMF therapy has been shown to help the following:

PEMF Therapy Mahwah, NJ

  • Alleviate pain and decrease inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue healing and strengthen bones
  • Help to relieve injury and fatigue
  • Support the immune system and neurotransmitter balance
  • Help relax muscles
  • Reduce stress and achieve an increased state of relaxation
  • Achieve a deeper, more restorative state of sleep
  • Faster functional recovery
  • Enhancement of capillary formation

“I am excited about the vast potential PEMF therapy can have on my own patients. As a healer, I am thrilled for one more way to help people get to that state of health where their body can heal itself.” -Dr. Alfred Gigante

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