The Back Pain Center
Since 1995

After establishing The Back Pain Center in 1995 Dr. Gigante, in an effort to more clearly define the services provided has decided to evolve the name to Joint & Spine Rehabilitation. The Back Pain Center aka Joint & Spine was one of the first centers to incorporate the combined treatments of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Laser Pain Relief.

Our goals over the years have not changed, to get all our patients out of pain and back to enjoying those activities they once took for granted.

Although our Physical Therapy team specialize to joint disorders, Dr. Gigante continues to specialize in low back pain and low back related leg pain commonly known as sciatica.

Dr. Gigante encourages all patients who are not sure what their next step should be to call for a No-cost consultation and screening. Eighty percent of all patients experience a significant improvement after their first visit.

Alfred Gigante DC
Founder of:
The Back Pain Center
Joint & Spine Rehabilitation
Author of:
Hope & Help for Back Pain
Low back – Sciatica Specialist

Hope and Help For Back Pain Book by Dr. Alfred Gigante

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