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One of the most valuable tools we have in our office here in Waldwick, New Jersey is our state of the art X-ray machine. X-rays give us as chiropractors and physical therapists the ability to look at the bone structure and surrounding areas of the problem and formulate a proper diagnosis.

The real beauty of x-ray is when the physical exam findings match the x-ray exam findings. That way we can be more confident in a proper diagnosis. Another important aspect is that we can take images in different planes of motion. We can see the bone structure in a neutral position and we can also take images in flexed or extended positions which can often be the reason that we are able to locate stress fractures in the spine which can be easily overlooked.

X-rays can be used for every part of the body including shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, headaches, and the list goes on. These images give us the ability to understand why pain is happening from a structural level and properly address it with chiropractic care and physical therapy. We are also given the ability to rule out certain diagnoses which lets us know that further imaging such as MRI or CT scan may be warranted.

The system in our office is a brand new digital system which produces instant images which are sent directly to our computer for viewing. Gone are the days of waiting hours for images to develop on giant screens

In-office x-ray is an absolute necessity in a chiropractic and physical therapy office. From acute falls to chronic pain and dysfunction the machine lets us properly address the issue.

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