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What can you expect during your first chiropractic and physical therapy visit to our office here in Waldwick, New Jersey? The key to the first visit to our office is a three-part execution.

1. Identity-

First, we need to figure out the why. Why are you having dysfunction, why are you in pain? These questions can be answered by taking a comprehensive history of your complaint followed by in-house X-Rays. Taking X-rays at the office allows us as chiropractic physicians to quickly rule in or rule out certain conditions. It also allows us to see the quality of the spine and bone structure in the area of your complaint. Once we have a general idea of the bone structure and history, orthopedic testing can be done. Orthopedic tests are used to confirm any x-ray findings and see how the body actually functions in movement and under stress. These tests allow us to pinpoint the problem to your specific anatomy.

2. Educate-

The next part of the visit will be educating the patient about why they are experiencing pain or dysfunction. I find that results are always better for patients that understand how and why their body reacts in the way it does. It also gives the patient a sense of power in the treatment plan if they can understand, in simple terms, why and how this happened. I have had patients come to the office with recurring pain for years and previous MRI results and no one actually explained to them what their condition actually is. I want to change that.

3. Treat-

At this point in the visit, it is time to treat! First, we must understand that initial care is about decreasing pain and discomfort. However, after the short-term relief we MUST start to improve the affected area structurally to stop this problem from recurring chronically. With everything from chiropractic manipulations to lumbar/cervical decompression to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, we can treat a very wide range of conditions here at Joint and Spine Rehab.

We want to make you feel welcome and part of your own treatment plan here at our office. Any questions you may have that arise during your visit will always be answered!

Please feel free to set up an appointment to see a chiropractor at our office by calling 201-445-1079.