What is Vertical Decompression?

(VPADD) Vertical Pneumatic Axial Disc Decompression

Vertical Decompression is an excellent complement to the standard Spinal decompression which is done in the lying down position.

Unlike standard decompression, the VPADD can be used prior to having an MRI and is interactive with our Therapist. By mobilizing the body in specific directions, the therapist can facilitate the decompression of a trapped or compressed nerve and also improve and normalize disc function.

Also, many disc conditions that are acute may not be able to tolerate the standard decompression at first, where the vertical decompression can be tolerated by almost anyone suffering from an acute low back disc derangement, no matter how intense. Once the acute pain has subsided patient may be put on the standard decompression or can continue with VPADD depending on subjective and objective goals set for the patient.

This unique procedure was developed by Dr. Gigante, the founder of Joint & Spine over 15 years ago and is solely used at Joint & Spine. Dr. Gigante has made videos of the VPADD procedure and has been shared on YouTube with hopes of sharing this procedure with other therapists.

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