When you have damage to your spine or another joint from an injury or extensive wear and tear that occurs over the years, bringing your spine back into alignment can help promote healing. At Joint and Spine Rehabilitation, our chiropractor performs spinal adjustment techniques that support natural healing and take pressure off nerves, which leads to pain relief.

Common Spinal Injury Types

There are many different injuries that can affect your spine and result in chronic pain that does not go away. Some of the more common spinal injury types include herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and spinal stenosis. Other types of spinal injuries that can cause ongoing pain include inflammation from osteoarthritis, compression fractures, and muscle strain. You might have damage to your spine or other joints from auto accidents, work-related accidents or sports injuries as well. No matter what the cause of your pain is, our chiropractor can help ease it with spinal adjustments.

Spinal Treatment in Waldwick

When you need spinal treatment for back pain or are experiencing discomfort in other joints, Joint and Spine Rehabilitation can help. Our chiropractor provides treatment that includes spinal adjustments to relieve pain. Realigning your spine helps remove pressure on nerves that are affected by spinal damage, which typically leads to relief. Having your spine in its right alignment also helps your body start healing itself. When your spinal discs are lined up correctly, damaged discs are able to go through the healing process. In addition to easing the pain, this also lowers your chance of ending up with ongoing back problems or problems with other joints.

Spinal adjustments are sometimes used along with other kinds of care as part of an overall treatment plan for chronic pain. Our chiropractor might recommend massage therapy, physical therapy or other forms of safe and effective treatment to enhance the effects of these adjustments. Massage therapy helps loosen up your muscles, while physical therapy makes them stronger and improves your range of motion. Following a treatment plan that includes spinal adjustments and related treatments can have you feeling free of pain and able to go back to your regular activities.

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