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Musculoskeletal conditions,such as muscle
strainsand tendonitis,can be treated with
ultrasound by a physical therapist.
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Used in a variety of conditions to reduce pain and inflammation,promote tissue healing, stimulate or promote nerve and or muscle function,or muscular re-education.
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Dynamic Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of Eastern
medicine in which a therapist puts special cups
on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.
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Myofascial Release Techniques

The goal of myofascial release techniques is to stretch
and loosen the fascia so that it and the connected
structures can move more freely.
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Manual Joint Mobilization

This type of therapy involves particular passive
movement of joints performed by a physical
therapist to decrease pain.

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Laser Pain Management

Class 4 Laser, also known as cold laser,
therapy is used by physical therapists to help
accelerate the healing process at an injured site.
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Trigger Point Therapy

Designed to aid in the treatment of pain or injuries,
orthopedic massage offers a conceptual approach to
the management of soft tissue spasm and dysfunctions.
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Therapeutic Exercise Program

Exercise is a very common and non-invasive method
of treatment used in a physical therapy setting.
Exercise can help to improve a patient’s strength, flexibility and range of motion.
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Chiropractic plays a large role in the treatment of low back pain and or low back-related leg
pain commonly known as sciatica. Vertebral misalignments, which can
place abnormal pressure…
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Spinal Decompression

with fused low backs or who have metal screws or plates in their spines
should not have Spinal Decompression Therapy. Extreme…

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