I have been a patient at Joint Rehabilitation Physical Therapy for several years. I have been treated for bulging and herniated discs and partial rotator cuff tears. I have had the same day relief many times. Steve Decker and Eric Flores are very experienced and competent therapists. I highly recommend all of them. They certainly have made my mobility a lot easier.

– Pat P., Rivervale


Working with Eric has been an enjoyable Physical Therapy experience, one where I work hard with Eric and have now developed a positive relationship. He shows great patience and understanding and he will always answer my questions thoroughly. We focus on what’s working and I have gained my strength and have returned to the gym and spinning classes! I feel better, and I’m getting better. Mission accomplished!

– Diane F., Saddle River


I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder to repair my rotator cuff, torn tendons – one with a retraction from the bone and removal of bone spurs. 4 months after surgery, my surgeon said my recovery progress was ahead of schedule and that I have close to 90% range of motion back.

I attribute this to the regular therapy sessions and excellent care from Eric Flores and Stephen Decker. I know they customize the treatment they provided me and their other patients based on our individual needs, strength and tolerance. I am still working with them to get to 100% and to build up strength.

I have highly recommended them to friends and family and will continue to do so.

– Yandee M., Wood-Ridge


I absolutely love this place!!! I have two herniated discs in my lower back and some discomfort in my mid back. I see Dr. G and Steve, the physical therapist, 2 times a week. I walk in and Joann, the receptionist, always greets my by name which is wonderful! Also, I never have to wait long to be seen! Can it get any better than that!?!? It’s great that they work together in the same office so they are both aware of my level of discomfort and they can both contribute with their area of expertise as needed. Also, once you get into a routine, you see similar faces each visit and you can really begin to make friends! I have been going to Joint & Spine Rehabilitation for approximately 3 months and the pain in my lower back is practically nonexistent. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to go anywhere else!!?!? This place is really the best!

– D., Ramsey, NJ


I have been a patient at Joint & Spine Rehabilitation on and off for several years. I’ve been treated for herniated and bulging discs, neck issues and currently, rotator cuff tears. Their regiment of specific exercises, electric stem, ultra sound and various other techniques, have been incredibly effective. Dr. Gigante and the staff are extremely professional, treating their patients with respect and support. I highly recommend this practice.

– Pat P., Westwood, NJ


Excellent! A great alternative to back surgery Joint & Spine Rehabilitation is an excellent place to get healthy and stay healthy. About 10 years I hurt my back badly and 2 doctors recommended surgery. I searched for alternatives and found Joint & Spine Rehabilitation. Their holistic approach combining physical therapy and chiropractic treatments made it possible for me to avoid surgery and to stay active (skiing, racquetball, biking, etc.) since then. Their knowledgeable and caring staff gets me healthy and back to doing the things I love to do. I can’t speak highly enough about Joint & Spine Rehabilitation.

– Walter K., Ridgewood, NJ


I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my lower back. I found Dr. Gigante and his staff to be knowledgable and accommodating. Joint & Spine Rehabilitation is not a typical chiropractic office; I have seen major improvement from the therapy that I have received there. Dr. Gigante and his staff always take the time to explain why they using particular techniques and they show genuine concern for their patients.

– Jenn M., Hawthorne, NJ


I have gone to Joint & Spine Rehabilitation on other occasions for back issues but they out did themselves recently. I had my right knee replaced in October 2014 . They were one of a few places recommended to me by my orthopedic doctor. Since I knew them from past treatment it was a no-brainer. I just completed my months of therapy and feel great. Their personal attention was incredible. The therapist Eric who I worked with had me on a plan of achieving goals to be reached as we worked together to get me back on my feet. Most everyone who came into the office also spoke of telling family and friends about them. I would highly recommend Joint & Spine Rehabilitation to anyone who after surgery or just not feeling quite right to give them a call!

– Kevin E., Ramsey, NJ


Great Customer Service, Dedicated and highly motivated staff and results I never imagined possible!!! After suffering with herniated disc for years and doing tons of Physical Therapy, I finally came across Joint & Spine Rehabilitation. It was going to be my last try before I turned to surgery. Dr. Gigante and his team of physical therapists, really felt strongly that I could get better without surgery. I had pain down my legs and into my feet for years and I never thought I would be without it. After receiving therapy at Joint & Spine Rehabilitation and being tought how to correct pain on my own, Ihave no pain in my lower back and no more tingles in my leg or feet. They gave me so much time and support and I am so grateful that I listened to them and didnt opt for the surgery. I never imagined that I would feel this great again!!

– Christine, Ramsey, NJ

Love all of the staff here. I feel like I receive very individualized care and support in getting my neck/back in order. The pain in my neck and shoulders are more manageable now and feel more energized with greater range of motion even after only a few sessions. Flexible hours that work well with my hectic schedule!

– Doris Chen

Life changing. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for years. I tried multiple treatments and physical therapy and nothing worked. Dr. Gigante and his staff at Joint and Spine Rehab were able to quickly and thoroughly assess my condition and completely alleviate my lower back pain. I now have full mobility in my lower back and no pain!! I have not felt this great is years. Their staff is incredibly professional and knowledgeable which made for an all around enjoyable experience. Highly recommend for anyone with chronic pain.

– Chris F. New York, NY

Steve and Dr G are fantastic. Great team effort from all. Thorough in their analysis and treatment execution. I have been treated there for three different conditions and they have not only helped find relief of pain but helped to continue a preventative regimen.

– Richard Meier

Dr. Gigante is a wonderful chiropractor. He’s very compassionate. His adjustments are gentle. The PT staff is great. They helped me immensely with a long term nerve/foot structural issue. They don’t have aides here which I prefer, so you’re not getting passed off to someone who is not as vested in your care. Very convenient hours. I would absolutely give this place a try for PT and chiropractic needs!

– Lynn Goldberg Rosa

Over the years I have used Dr. Al and his team to treat me for any number of joint and back issues. As a 50+ year old club tennis player, goodness knows I’ve had a few! Anyway, I have referred Joint & Spine to friends and family alike. You will not be disappointed.

– Peter Sacco

The office is warm and friendly. Dr. G is fantastic, he treats the condition and the patient not the insurance company. He puts the patient first and doesn’t put any pressure on you to schedule repeat visits. I know anytime I have an issue I can go in and expect some relief. In a word Great!

– Louis Rega

I started going to Joint & Spine a few months ago for pain in my back and neck. Since then, my symptoms have gotten significantly better. Travis is a great physical therapist, he takes the time to listen, and you can see results from each session. Every time I walk in, I’m greeted by the friendliest receptionists, the entire team is kind and genuinely cares for you. Highly recommend the team at Joint & Spine!

– Bridget Richter Carroll

I went to Dr. G in desperation after hurting my back. I had waited weeks before I called and, by then, I couldn’t walk, stand or even sit. On the first visit he immediately diagnosed my problem and told me that I may need surgery and he would do his best to prevent it but I may have left it too late. Long story short, he made me 100% better after regular treatment for the next few months. Thanks to him and Eric I have been absolutely fine ever since. Cannot recommend highly enough!

– Nick David

I’ve been treated at Joint and Spine Rehab Center since my accident, from which I was diagnosed with two herniated discs, and a dislocated SI joint, with occasional sciatica. Dr. G, Eric, Steve and the whole staff have been amazing – and my rehabilitation has been nothing short of miraculous! It was a great decision on my part to get a second opinion to avoid surgery (through not for everyone), and my recovery with Eric’s treatment has given my mobility back! Thanks everyone!

– Rod Shepard

I came down with debilitating back pain suddenly and called Joint & Spine Rehabilitation. They saw me right away and over the course of a few treatments helped me understand the source of the pain and how to treat and manage it. The facility is convenient, and Dr. Gigante and the other therapists and staff are welcoming, friendly and very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

– Wendy Polanco

My husband and I recently began treatment at Joint and Spine Rehab receiving both chiropractic care and physical therapy for back and foot ailments. We first met and worked with Dr. Gigante who has remained directly involved in our therapeutic care. He is a kind person who does all in his professional ability to reduce our pain and improve our wellness. He is very experienced with a wealth of knowledge. We have continued with physical therapy being treated by Steve and Eric. Both therapists are experts in their field. They give their total time and attention to meet our individual needs, and work actively with us throughout each session. We both highly recommend Joint and Spine Rehab. It is a start of the art establishment with truly caring and dedicated professionals. The women at the front desk are friendly and helpful, and schedule appointments so that there is no wait time. It is worth the trip, even if you need to travel a distance to get there. –


Dr G and staff are great. Their expertise and equipment got me back to normal quickly. Highly recommend.

– Jeff Green

Amazing care and expertise. Therapy given saved me from back surgery. Great friendly staff.

– Don James

After total ankle replacement surgery I was referred to Travis Reiter at Joint & Spine Rehab. I never thought I would look forward to P/T but Travis makes it so enjoyable. He not only patiently answers all my many questions but he also explains exactly what he is doing and what the advantages will be. I am walking without pain for the first time in many years.
You will not find a friendlier staff no matter how many times you call to reschedule appointments. Oh yes, the music is great!

– Pat Ogara

Dr. G, Steve and Erik are all very knowledgeable, understanding and patient. What sets them apart from the rest is how they clearly help you understand why you’re in pain and how you can help yourself for life.

– Aimee Carroll-Matos

Dr G and Co are the best! Definitely go here if you are experiencing back or joint pain to feel better.

– Frank Manziano

Dr G, and Steve where amazing, I had a bulging disk in my back, and my Dr recommended surgery but after visiting joint and spine not only did I not need surgery but I’m pain free and back at work as a fulltime fireman.

– Gary Onorato

Dr. G and his team are terrific. I have been coming to this office for about two years now, and it is safe to say, after regular visits, my back pain is under control. The office is also a clean and welcoming environment, with friendly staff, and flexible scheduling options. I highly recommend Joint and Spine Rehab to all.

– Tyler Yaccarino

Dr. G. & his staff are fabulous! I felt comfortable here from Day One. He & his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, & caring. I always feel 1,000% better after a treatment with Dr G. & Travis.

– Patty K

I have been going to Dr G for years. He and his staff are very caring and friendly. Dr G is very knowledgeable and uses a variety of different modalities to keep my spine aligned, including traction and laser therapy. I never feel like he is over-adjusting as I have with other chiropractors. He keeps me headache-free!

– Teresa Izar

Have been seeing Dr. G on and off for about three years now for various ailments. Dr G and staff are courteous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and effective. This is not your grandfathers chiropractor, where spinal column manipulation and endless visits ruled the day. Dr. G’s practice focuses on 21st century therapy with one goal in mind – Curing what ails you. I was crippled with back pain and tried numerous remedies/doctors/pain meds without relief. Dr. G’s approach gave me my pre-back pain life back.

– Nikolaos Perros

I have been to a few different facilities to see treatment for my back, and Joint and Spine Rehab was by far my favorite! After receiving treatment the past few weeks from the physical therapist, I noticed immediate reduction in discomfort and pain! The staff creates such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, definitely recommend!

– Abigael Mercurio

My son & I use this place. Very nice & knowledgeable Dr. Staff are very pleasant.

– Nadia Malke

As someone who underwent therapy for a broken ankle at Joint and Spine Rehab, all I can say is that this place goes above and beyond for their patients. Compared to my previous experiences at other therapy centers, this one has been the best. Dr. Gigante and his staff are very professional and make you feel so at ease. One of the things I really liked was that they had a no surprise insurance policy. Every question and concern that I had was addressed up front. I was also impressed that I saw the same therapist throughout my entire rehabilitation treatment. Their home exercise program was easy to follow and I was up and walking much sooner than I thought. I definitely recommend Joint and Spine to anyone who is in need of rehabilitation.

– K

I have gotten much needed relief in such a short period of time, when I went to Joint and Spine Rehab a few months ago! The staff really goes above and beyond!

– Joy Jensen

As someone who has repeatedly needed the help of physical therapists, this place takes the cake! They are caring, sensitive, with a goal to get you ‘out of pain’ ASAP! Dr. G works with EVERY patient so that no one is denied his services! Steve has helped me ‘put myself together again’ many times. You must see it to believe how good they are!

– Deborah Ann Feit

I have a torn meniscus in my knee which was causing a great deal of pain, especially when climbing stairs. Injections did not seem to help, and I did not want to undergo surgery. My orthopaedic doctor recommended that I try physical therapy at the Joint & Spine Rehabilitation facility. The improvement has been outstanding. I can now climb stairs without pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gigante and my physical therapist, Eric to anyone requiring rehabilitation.

– Judy Pordon

3 months ago I woke up with TERRIBLE neck pain and a tingling arm. Dr. G did a consultation with me that same morning, and I came back the next day to begin physical therapy with Eric.
Almost 3 months later and my neck feels better than it has for a couple years! Not only is it super clean, but they don’t overschedule so you aren’t waiting around for hours and hours, and ALL the staff are the best! They’re so helpful and patient, but also relaxed and friendly.

– Taylor Ocot

Such a delightful bunch of friends.My therapist Steve is the best.

– Suzie McCloskey

The staff at Joint and Spine Rehab gave me so much hope with my physical therapy treatment. Eric and Travis took the time to truly understand the issues I was experiencing, and came up with the best plan possible. If you’re looking to exceed your expectations, Joint and Spine is the place to go!

– Hunter Harrow

Wonderful staff. Caring and professional therapist.

– Nancy Houlihan

After severe back pain that another chiropractor couldn’t fix, Dr. G was able to pinpoint the problem. Have been going to him ever since and now do PT there as well. Everyone works well together for a collaborative approach. Couldn’t recommend them more!

– S. Heath

Came with pain, left with no pain. Highly recommend.

– Nate Shelley

Great care for my herniated discs and other chronic back issues!

– Mary Dominiczak