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Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, chiropractic can enhance your ability to workout and more importantly, keep you pain-free.

Spinal health is essential for your nervous system. Keeping nerves firing optimally and allowing nerve pathways to stay open will improve workout capacity and capability. Your nervous system is what controls muscle fibers and lets your body keep tension in your muscles while you train. When those pathways to the muscle fibers are blocked or impeded, less muscle fibers will be recruited while training. If you are training for muscle growth or to beat your personal best, the ability to recruit the use of the most amount of muscle fibers is the key to success.

Another important aspect of chiropractic care with exercise is keeping your bones in balance. Imagine squatting a barbell with one foot on a step and another on the floor. The amount of force and tension on one side of the body will be much greater than the other. This is exactly what can happen when the body is out of balance. An anterior or posterior shift in the hips or sacrum can result in mechanical tension being greater on one side. Add over a hundred pounds on your back for reps and you can potentially have the start of an injury. With chiropractic care, those misalignments can be fixed and tension can be properly dispersed evenly throughout the body like it is designed to do.