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Dr. Alfred Gigante, a graduate of Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in NYC has dedicated his practice specifically to the treatment of low back pain and low back related leg pain commonly known as sciatica.  

His passion for helping those in pain has motivated him to lecture internationally to the chiropractic profession from California to Australia. His continuous dedication has led him to publish a self-help book called, “Hope and Help for Back Pain” which is listed on Amazon and is on its second publication.

In 1995 Dr. Gigante founded The Back Pain Center, one of the first multidisciplinary centers to incorporate chiropractic, physical therapy and Pain Management.  

Although named The Back Pain Center, over the years the physical therapy division of the center has evolved into specializing in shoulders, hips, knees, and foot/ankle disorders. In an effort to more clearly define the services and treatments available, the name was changed from The Back Pain Center to Joint and Spine Rehabilitation in 2016.

Regardless of whether patients are being treated for a low back pain or shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle- foot disorders, Dr. Gigante’s philosophy has remained the same and that is to get patients out of pain and back to living life as quickly as possible.  

Dr. Gigante resides in Waldwick and is married to his beautiful wife and has four children Alfred, Michael, Daniel and Jeanmarie.