Chiropractic care/treatment plays a large role in the treatment of low back pain and or low back-related leg pain commonly known as sciatica. Vertebral misalignments, which can place abnormal pressure on the spinal nerves, are called subluxations. Subluxations must be mobilized to their proper position in order to alleviate pain, improve function, and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Chiropractic Physicians are highly trained in the diagnosing and treatment of spinal subluxation.

Hands-on therapy—especially adjustment of the spine—is central to chiropractic care. Non-force spinal adjustment is a core treatment here at Joint & Spine. Chiropractors commonly use other treatments in addition to spinal mobilization, while other health care providers like physical therapists or osteopathic physicians may also use spinal manipulation. Chiropractors combine the use of spinal adjustments and other manual therapies with several other treatments and approaches such as spinal decompression, electrical stimulation, trigger point therapy, rehabilitative and general exercise, as well as counseling about diet, weight loss, and other lifestyle factors.



Our Chiropractic Treatments Have Many Dimensions:


Sciatic Pain

When you have pain in your lower back or on one side of the leg, it is most likely due to sciatica. This type of pain occurs when something presses on your sciatic nerve. If you are having trouble finding relief from sciatic pain, our Waldwick chiropractor at Joint and Spine Rehabilitation can help. Read More


Spinal Adjustment

When you have damage to your spine or another joint from an injury or extensive wear and tear that occurs over the years, bringing your spine back into alignment can help promote healing. At Joint and Spine Rehabilitation, our chiropractor performs spinal adjustment techniques that support natural healing and take pressure off nerves, which leads to pain relief. Read More


Spinal Decompression

Patients with fused low backs or who have metal screws or plates in their spines should not have Spinal Decompression Therapy. Extreme caution should be used with patients with advanced osteoporosis. Patients receiving Spinal Decompression Therapy may experience some discomfort in their back area following the therapy. Which may last up to 24 hours. This is a normal part of Spinal Decompression Therapy. Read More



Vertical Spinal Decompression

Vertical Decompression is an excellent complement to the standard Spinal decompression which is done in the lying down position.

Unlike standard decompression, the VPADD can be used prior to having an MRI and is interactive with our Therapist. By mobilizing the body in specific directions, the therapist can facilitate the decompression of a trapped or compressed nerve and also improve and normalize disc function. Read More 


Dr. Alfred Gigante


Chiropractic Physician

Dr-Alfred.pngDr. Gigante, a Chiropractic Physician and the founder of Joint & Spine which is an evolution of The Back Pain Center LLC, has taught post-graduate courses from California to Australia on advanced procedures in the treatment of low back pain. Spinal subluxation, being only one of the many different causes of back pain, is what led Dr. Gigante to develop the first multi-professional center specializing in the treatment of Joint and Spine disorders.

Dr. Gigante is also the author of Hope and Help for Back Pain, which all patients receive a complimentary copy on their first visit.

In 1976, Dr. Alfred Gigante graduated from Columbia Chiropractic, located in NYC. Upon graduation, Dr. Gigante was invited to practice in Los Angeles, California at a chiropractic research center called The Westside Chiropractic. There he had the privilege of working with Dr. Major Dejarnette, chiropractor & founder of Sacro occipital technique and cranial sacral techniques.

At the age of 27, after his one-year internship, Dr. Gigante returned to the tristate area and began practicing with Dr. Jay Gilden, a chiropractor in Waldwick, New Jersey. Due to personal issues in Dr. Gilden’s life, he asked Dr. Gigante to take over his modest chiropractor practice.

In 1979 Dr. Gigante began his journey which would later lead to the founding of The Back Pain Center. In 1990 Dr. Gigante moved his practice to its present location and founded The Back Pain Center.

Today, The Back Pain Center is a multidisciplinary center consisting of chiropractic, physical therapy, and pain management doctors. The Back Pain Center was the first multi-profession center to specialize in the treatment of low back pain

Dr. Gigante’s philosophy is simple—get patients out of pain as quickly as possible.

Dr. Gigante has been married to his beautiful wife Jean since 1982 and has 4 wonderful children, Alfred, Michael, Daniel, and Jeanmarie.