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To answer the question simply, no not every patient is adjusted the same way at our office.

Patients that come into Joint and Spine Rehab are always assessed on a case to case basis. No two people are the same just as no two spines are the same either. It is the job of the chiropractic physician to understand each patient and their needs. There are a wide range of spinal patterns and many factors that will come into play while assessing a patient and their condition.

The chiropractic adjustment can be graded on a scale from 1-5. Adjustments in the 1-2 grade range will have no real thrust but will be more of a pressure point adjustment. Adjustments in the grade 3-4 will bring the patient to the end point of restriction without any thrust. Lastly, a grade 5 adjustment will bring the patient to the end range of restriction and a small, quick thrust is applied to achieve the desired result for the mobilization.

In addition to adjustments, we also utilize different machines and tables in the office to influence the bones to glide into place properly without having to force the bone into place. The Repex machine can be a great option for patients in need of lumbar and sacroiliac mobilization. The machine can be set to oscillate in a flexion and extension pattern while the chiropractic physician gently glides the femur and pelvis into proper rotation.

The ability of the chiropractic physician to be able to have control over their manipulations with precision makes chiropractic very safe for many people. Even patients that think they cannot be adjusted can still find the benefits of chiropractic through lower-grade mobilizations and glides.

New patients may also be adjusted differently than patients that have been under care for a few weeks or months. Chiropractic can also be a progression depending on each patient’s needs.

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