At Joint & Spine Rehab our primary goal is to get patients out of pain as quickly as possible and back to doing those activities they once took for granted.With the incorporation of acupuncture along with Chiropractic , Physical therapy and Laser Therapy, patient relief is now faster than ever before and without the use or need for drugs.
In fact, acupuncture has become so effective in the reduction of pain it is now completely accepted by the Medical community and also accepted and reimbursed by most Major medicinal Insurance Companies.
Not only is acupuncture effective in the reduction of pain, many patient are being helped with secondary problems such as fatigue, digestive, endocrine, urinary and other health disorders.
Regardless of the type of health care provider, there is no substitute for experience. At joint & Spine we are happy to have Mr. Steve Lim to our staff. His compasssion dedication and expeerince have all ready helped patients achieve their ultimate gaol of being pain free and living life again.