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If you are suffering from back pain, a chiropractor can asses your condition, answer any questions you may have and recommend an appropriate treatment regimen. However, often enough the source of your back pain is simply due to a poor posture.

An improper posture will exert strain on your muscles and ligaments, which will result in abnormal wear and tear on your joints. Practicing a correct posture will keep your bones properly aligned, which will help to prevent irritating back pain and injuries.

A chiropractor will advise you on the correct postures for sitting, sleeping, standing and various other daily activities.


Sit with your neck up, shoulders back and back straight. Always keep your feet flat to the floor, and avoid crossing your legs. If you work in the sitting position for extended periods, take some time every half hour to walk around and stretch for a few minutes.


If your regular commute is long or your job involves a lot of time behind the wheel, then the seat in your car may be contributing to your back pain. To help reduce your lower back strain, put a lumbar cushion behind your back. Also ensure that your car seat is near enough to your steering wheel that you can comfortable reach the pedals while maintaining support for your back.


Stand as straight as you can with your head upright and your shoulders back. Maintain a shoulder-width space between your feet, with your stomach pulled in, your knees slightly bent and your weight resting comfortably on the balls of your feet.


Pillows play a crucial role in ensuring a proper sleeping posture. Your pillow should be thick enough that it allows your head to rest comfortably in a natural position. Your shoulders should not be resting on your pillow, only your head. For extra support and pain relief, try placing a pillow under the small of your back and your knees.