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Back pain is a major source of discomfort for millions of Americans. However, very few people know just how much of this pain and discomfort can be the result of your posture. You were actually getting some pretty good advance all those times that you were told to stop slouching and to sit up straight when you were growing up. If you are experiencing chronic back and neck pain or you are having a hard time maintaining your chiropractic adjustments, then these three posture improvement tips may offer a solution for you.

Improving your posture takes attention and dedication, but the potential rewards will make it well worth your time. Spending a little effort to work on your posture will lead to a noticeable reduction in your back and neck pain, as well as an improvement to your overall appearance.

Here are some tried and tested tips from the pros that will help you to improve your posture.

Talk to Your Chiropractor About Posture

The first step to improving your posture is to have a full understanding of what good posture is. Your chiropractor will help you to discover what good posture means for you. Try imagining a line that runs from your shoulders down to your waist, and then attempt to keep that line as tall and straight as you can.

Strengthen Your Core and Use it to Initiate Movement

The core represents the biggest muscle group in the body. Therefore, it is the best place for focusing your posture improvement efforts. Do exercises that will strengthen your abdominal muscles, and then use your strong abs to hold your posture. If you need to tense your glutes, then you are not doing it properly.

If you are having a hard time building your core strength, then think about signing up for some yoga classes. Yoga will build your core strength and improve your flexibility and range of motion, all of which will contribute to an improved posture.

Make Effective Reminders

Make reminders that work for you. These reminders should work into your lifestyle and daily routine, whether it is post-it notes or a smart phone app that encourages you to pay attention to your posture. Often good posture only takes a little bit of mental work to ensure that you are standing or sitting the right way.

Maintaining a Healthy Posture

Once you have good posture, you will notice an improvement to your back pain. Take the time to improve your posture and make any necessary changes, then follow up with regular visits to the chiropractor for better overall wellness and health.